Blowin’ Me Up…

Concrete walls couldn’t stop the bass line from Mac Miller’s “Knock Knock” from permeating throughout every locker room at the Moorhead Sports Center.

A reason why nothing could stop the music is because nobody could really stop Logan Ness. Ness, a senior, scored five goals in Moorhead’s 9-0 win over Monticello-Annandale-Maple Lake on Tuesday in the Class 2A, Section 8 quarterfinals.

“You know, I really don’t listen to him,” Ness said about Mac Miller.

Ness didn’t get into his musical preferences, but like an entertainer, he just finished giving one of the more memorable performances seen around Moorhead in quite sometime. Spuds coach Dave Morinville couldn’t remember the last time someone scored five or more goals in a playoff game.

Though what Ness did certainly will be remembered for a while.

He snatched two goals in the first period and in the second period completed his hat trick. Ness had the puck at the point when he fought of two defenseman draping him. Once he got free, he managed to get closer to the net, made a move past a defenseman and scored unleashing a hat parade onto the ice.

“Our coaches were really harping on us to move our feet,” Ness said. “So that’s just what I did. I kept moving my feet.”

Ness kept moving his feet, and it led to him grabbing two more goals. His fifth goal came at the start of the third period. Linemate Bryant Christian fed a centering pass to Ness, who tapped it in with relative ease.

Christian, who had three assists said, finding Ness is one of the easier tasks he has.

The senior centerman said Ness just finds ways to get open even if he has a defenseman, or two surrounding him.

“Even when he’s covered, I know I can pass it to him,” Christian said. “He finds a way. He always finds a way.”

Christian is hoping he, Ness and sophomore Aaron Herdt can find a way to score more goals and continue what has been a solid season for Moorhead. The Spuds are now 19-6 already surpassing last season’s win total, which included a win to state.

Experience is one reason why Moorhead has won more games. The team has 15 players on this season’s team who played during last year’s playoff run. Goals are also another reason why Moorhead has established itself as one of the better teams in Minnesota.

Ness’ teammates have said throughout the season last year’s team faced challenges when it came to scoring goals whereas this year, it isn’t the case.

“We know if we give up one goal, we’re not panicking,” Ness said. “We know we have lines who can score goals. Earlier this year we were down 3-0 against Eden Prairie and we came back and won 4-3.”

Ness and his line have been a vital part of Moorhead’s success this year. Christian was fourth on the team in points during the regular season with 25 while Ness was fifth with 20 points. Herdt finished in a tie for sixth with 17 points in his first full varsity season.

Christian, who’s older brother, Jordy, plays at St. Cloud State, said it did take some time for the line to get used to one another.

He said one of the hardest parts about trying to achieve consistency is the high school season is only 24 regular season games.

And, in his opinion, there’s another reason why.

“Well, we all don’t have the same mother, so there’s that,” said Christian, who was making fun of teammates and brothers Tony and Nicholas Uglem, who led Moorhead in points during the regular season. “So we had to do it the old-fashioned way by just using practices and games to get comfortable.”

The result was Ness’ five-goal night, Christian getting a four-point night and Herdt quietly walking away with a four-point night as well.

Christian said it’s the differences that make the line work. Christian is without question the group’s playmaker, always looking to pass instead of shooting. He described Ness as being a goal-scorer who is constantly around the net, while Herdt is a young player who can fly around the ice and isn’t afraid to make a move on a defenseman.

Christian and Ness both hoped their line can certainly help Moorhead again when it faces rival Roseau on Saturday. If Moorhead wins, it’s on to the section finals. If Moorhead loses, it’s a long spring with quite a bit to think about.

With Moorhead eliminating Roseau in last season’s playoffs along with sweeping the regular season series, Moorhead is undefeated in its last four games against its northern rival.

But as Morinville put it, none of that could matter come Saturday.

“I said it earlier in the year,” Morinville said. “The true Roseau team you see at the end of the year isn’t the team you saw at the beginning of the year.”