My Love…

Certainly Fargo Force coach John Marks has had his moments this year.

This could easily be the best one of them all. Marks is in the team’s new advertisement for 2012-13 season tickets and in this one, he pulls out all the stops. Marks is sitting at a table with some smooth jazz in the background.

He talks about how the fans’ relationships with the team’s previous coaches have ended prematurely but he insists he’s here for the long haul. It’s actually a pretty good commercial, which could also serve as a advertisement.

The best line was when Marks said, “I’m not like the other guys, I want to be here for a second year.”

Marks is the team’s fourth head coach in four seasons. He replaced Jason Herter (now at Minnesota-Duluth), who replaced Steve Johnson (now at St. Cloud State), who replaced Dean Blais (now at Nebraska-Omaha).

Now its time for the man…err…coach of your dreams, John Marks.

2 thoughts on “My Love…

  1. John; A Diamond is rough around the edges. Hope you have many years of success and enjoyment with the FARGO FORCE !

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