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Urbandale, Iowa police are investigating an assault involving Fargo Force defenseman Neal Goff and his grandfather that took place Saturday after a game against the Des Moines Buccaneers.

Goff, 18, and his 79-year-old grandfather from Roseville, Minn., were assaulted outside Buccaneer Arena following the Force’s 5-3 win. The police report lists the incident as a serious assault, and according to police records, no arrests have yet been made in connection with the altercation.

Force spokeswoman Whitney Baumgartner and Buccaneers spokesman Scott Montesanto directed all questions towards the league office.

When asked, USHL spokesman Brian Werger acknowledged the incident also involved three players from the Des Moines Buccaneers.

“Obviously, an incident happened and the thing from our standpoint is we just don’t know all the facts yet,” Werger said. “We’ve heard various allegations and different stories but nothing has been confirmed and we will still have an investigation to complete. Part of this is in the hands of the authorities, too, and we are cooperating with them.”

According to the league’s site, Goff played in Friday’s game against Des Moines but sat out Saturday where he was in the stands with his grandfather.

Goff is in his first season with the Force, after he spent last season playing hockey in Stillwater (MN-HS) where he was drafted by the USHL team last spring.

He has played 28 games with the Force this season.

Read more about this story in Friday’s print edition of The Forum.

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  1. Love how you spin the story and put the bucs on the defensive when the whole incident started when goff started spewing racial slurs that are very offensive to your own race! Great reporting. You failed to mention that. Goff’s grandpa got injured while trying to break up the fight and he fell.

    Rumors has it that goff was sat on Saturday because of racial slurs used during the game. There is no place of that in the game and I’m sure you agree with me on that.

    This is the most irresponsible reporting I’ve ever seen. Get some facts or background of the story first.

    • I will agree that this article may have been a bit biased. But whether Goff made racial slurrs or not, no one deserves to get beat up. Especially when spending time with a grandparent. Goff was obviously punished for his rude remarks by sitting out during the game. It was not the Buc’s right to take matters into their own hands. Disrespectful or not, nobody deserves to be physically beaten. Violence is never the answer.

  2. And if you don’t believe me, I heard the exact same story from two separate ushl organizations, neither which were Des Moines or Fargo. You cannot have a kid calling the black kids on Des moines the N word. There’s no place for it, anytime, anywhere. If I were Justin wade, I would have a very hard time trusting Neal Goff as a teammate.

    Again, shame on you for your irresponsible
    reporting and ignoring certain facts to smear an organization.

  3. Lawrence, so were the guys involved players from the Buccaneers? Can you clarify this?

  4. I think Ryan was reporting what he knew. It’s unfair to judge any of the four kids until the facts are known. I don’t know why two other teams would know all the details when the USHL doesn’t know everything. The story is what you make it. If Ryan had said “Des Moines players beat down Force player and his grandpa for fun” that would be one thing but I honestly believe he reported what he knew. I don’t Ryan would slant a story for fun especially if it involved racial slur. Ryan is a good guy and is definitely above it. It’s an unfortunate incident but I don’t think Ryan had malicious intent.

  5. Lawrence,

    Regardless of what was said or happened on the ice, that’s exactly where it should have stayed. It was a team/player/coaches matter and under no circumstances should a group Buccaneer players have dealt with this on “their terms”. Having a player and his grandfather confronted and allegedly roughed up after a game because of words said on the ice is extremely out of line, as is your defense of such players. Goff “apparently” made a judgmental error if he was using racial slurs on the ice and was scratched the next night by the team because of it. The entire Des Moines organization should be ashamed of these players for their vigilante actions and I hope the USHL sees fit that they never tie their skates for any USHL team again.

    Again, shame on you Lawrence for defending the actions of the Buccaneer players. There is no place for that in the game, regardless of what happened on the ice, and I’m sure you agree with me on that.

  6. This was due to comments made by the fargo player calling buccaneer player the “N” word the night before at the end of the game. it could not be taken care of on the ice because fargo coach did not play the racist kid from fargo the next night. This was ordered by regg simon and he will never admit it! He is a spineless oiece of crap that will let his player take the fall for this. Players are very scared of this coach and do whatever he says due to the power he yields over them. if the player did not “take care of the fargo player” then the des moine player would not have seen the ice the rest of the year and I am sure regg threatened to have his scholarship taken away…This coach should be fired and sent packing!!!!! He is a spineless piece of s*&% and so is the Fargo player for calling #7 on des moines the “N” word!

  7. Lawrence,
    Before you start spouting off on “irresponsible reporting”, I have to ask if you even read the original post? Where in the post is there anything but the facts of the incident? Where is the “spin”? All I see is that the incident involved Goff, his grandfather and three members of the Bucs and it’s being investigated. You may be right on your “facts” but you lose credibility with your comments.

  8. Hey guys. Sorry i got a little heated. However, this incident was sparked due to Goff’s comments AFTER the game on Saturday, NOT ON THE ICE ON FRIDAY. He had some words with some of our scratches and used a racial slur again, anyone near-by could hear it and that’s when punches were thrown.It happened near the locker room area. Also, our black players were not involved in the incident, a teammate stepped in to defend because it’s not right to use those words under any circumstance. Anyways, these stories spin outta control at times so ill leave it at that.

    I do take exception to the fact that Ryan posted this article when it should have been swept “under the rug” because it makes everyone involved look bad, including the league. He placed blame on the Bucs players while ignoring the fact that there are certain circumstances around this story and why it happened but none of those FACTS were reported. Sure, he reported some basic facts but left out quite a few as well. I could just as easily spin a story while withholding some important facts and spin it in Des Moines favor.

    We are dealing with 17-18 year old kids where mistakes are made. However, i’d rather have a kid willing to defend a teammate from being called a racial slur than having a racist bigot on my team. Once, it’s a mistake and can be forgiven. Twice, and on the very next day, then there’s a problem.

    I’m sorry but this doesn’t sit well with me.

    And Joey doughnuts,

    Regg cares about winning. He wouldn’t keep anyone out of the lineup just to start a brawl in the hallway AFTER the game. Nobody in their right mind would do that.

    • The police report said the incident happened in the stands. I’m not familiar with the layout of the arena or location of the locker rooms–can you share a few more details?

      • The incident happened near the locker rooms. The arena has seats in a “U” shape. Where the seats stop, there is a lounge above. Below the lounge are both the visitors and Buccaneers locker rooms with only the Bucs coaches offices separating the two…’s a bad set up. However, the only alternative is for the visitors to get dressed in the Des Moines Capitals locker room but would have to walk thru the beer lines, etc.

        This past weekend was parents and siblings weekend and most, if not all scratches, sat with their families for both games.

    • Lawerence

      Your talking in circles….

      If there were no “black players” who where healthy DM scratches Sat night, why would Goff be using a racial slur towards them???

      Sounds like the DM healthy scratches initiated a confrontation with Goff pots game and it escalated from there to assault.

  9. Ryan,

    Thank you for your follow-up article in the IN-Forum and the added info. I believe it should have been in the first article but mistakes, time constraints and things like that happen. I appreciate your thoroughness and coverage of the USHL.

    I do hope my comments and others will be deleted in fear of this story growing and taking on more of a life than it already has.

    Again, thanks!


  10. Coach Regg Simon told the players that were sitting out this game that if he was one them “you know what I would do”. Upon hearing this, the players took it upon themselves to search out the player from Fargo that made the racist statement the previous night since he was a scratch and in the stands. Regg did not scratch the des moines players intentionally for the sole purpose to attack this kid. They were just scratched. Regg should be held accountable for putting the idea in his players head. these young men are very impressionable and want to do what their coach says for fear of not playing or having him try and take their scholarships away. he has threatened his players with these same tactics for years. He will never come out and say that he said those words to his players. he is spineless and should be fired for even putting those thought in to those players heads. Don’t get me wrong here, i am a component of fighting in hockey, but handle it on the ice boys! To all you youn players out there, don’t ever do something that you think is morally wrong just to impress your coach. Regg Simon, you are a gutless, spineless piece of crap! no wonder you sport a beard (hiding something?)

  11. fargoforcebooster

    Wayland Williams has been unable to play all season and is also black. His brother, Charles, is the goalie for Lincoln.

  12. There were not punches thrown Friday night by the locker room after the game and it was only one of your players after that stormed to the other teams locker room acting like a tough guy. Why would you ever do that it is just wrong! You really should get your facts straight.

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