Ever True To Brown…

Shortly after the Lincoln Stars captured the Western Conference regular season title, we got a chance to sit down with forward Kevin Roy (Brown).

Roy scored 104 points the regular season making it one of the best individual seasons in the USHL’s history. We asked Roy about his historic season, why he takes a selfless approach towards his team and we asked if he was drafted by an NHL team, would he renege on going to college to play Major Juniors.

Roy and his teammates enter tonight’s Western Conference semifinals tied at 1 against the Fargo Force.

Here’s what Roy had to say about a variety of subjects last time he was in Fargo:

Q: What do you have to say about your regular season and everything you accomplished?

A: I don’t know. I don’t think I really realize it right now. I was just focused on the team and getting first place. Getting the best position for playoffs. I don’t really want to think about it and I want to focus on what’s to come with the playoffs. The playoffs is why you play for the whole year and we want to focus on the playoffs and do something great and special as a team.


Q: I get the feeling you really care about your team and your teammates.

A: I think our team is so close. We’re brothers and everyone did their part. We talk about (North Dakota commits) Luke (Johnson) or Paul (Ladue) or Ralfs Freiburgs (Bowling Green). Those guys we don’t really talk about are the ones that block shots, kill penalties and our captains, Dax (Lauwers) and Brent Tate (Bowling Green), are awesome. They’ve been putting the team together. I think the fact we care about each other and the result of our teammates is what makes us that much better and its why we all have success individually but also as a team.


Q: Why do you take a “team-first” approach considering what you’ve done individually has been impressive?

A: I’ve been raised that way I guess. Always think about team first and when I play I like to score goals and I want to be the one who scores an important goal. I like to do it not just for me but for the team. If I would have success as an individual, it wouldn’t be special. Some players have a great season but nothing to compete for. They tell themselves they have to get more points for a good season. The season of the Stars really matters. It would be selfish to talk about me first and not realize that without my teammates and coaches these opportunities I’ve had wouldn’t even exist.


Q: Finally, we are going to get you to talk about yourself (at this point Roy starts laughing). Let’s say you do get taken in this summer’s NHL Draft, would you continue with your college plans or would you go Major Junior if the club that drafted you suggested you go?

A: I think for everyone that has talked about (the NHL Draft) thinks about it. I don’t think there is any way I would go play Major Junior. I had the chance two years ago and over Christmas (he was being heavily recruited by The QMJHL’s Quebec Remparts over the Christmas Break) and I really wanted to do that, I’d have done it before. For me, the college route is better for me to get stronger and bigger instead of playing 72 games and always being on the road. If I want to develop like a pro and play like a pro, the college game is better for me. I have spent the last three or four years of my life with my brother (his brother, Derick, is a goaltender committed to Brown) to attend a college and I wouldn’t change it to go the Major Junior route.

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  1. Wow what an impressive young man to interview.
    Still want him to go pointless and lose to the Force.

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