Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star…

Looks like area hockey fans could see Moorhead goaltender Michael Bitzer wearing black and blue after all.

It’ll just be the black and blue of the Lincoln Stars. Bitzer was taken by the Stars in the second round of the USHL Entry Draft this afternoon.

The Stars’ drafting Bitzer means the Moorhead star said he will spend next season with the Stars. Bitzer signed a tender with the now-Brookings, S.D. team in the NAHL and played part of the season with the team.

But by getting drafted by Lincoln, it very well means Bitzer could come in and start in the USHL, something not often guaranteed for first-year goaltenders.

Lincoln has been one of the USHL’s perennial powers and finished first in the Western Conference during the regular season. The Stars beat the Force in a best-of-five series en route to making the conference finals, where they lost to Waterloo.

Bitzer’s future has received quite a bit of interest after he had one of the more stellar seasons of any high school player in the United States.

The 5-10 Bitzer went 22-8 with a 1.80 goals against average, a .933 save percentage, seven shutouts and 750 saves.

He was practically flawless in Moorhead’s state tournament run, leading the team to an upset over title-favorite Eagan in a 4-0 win where he stopped more than 30 shots.

Bitzer allowed Moorhead to nearly hang on in the next round before losing to Hill-Murray in overtime, en route to finishing fourth the following day.

The tournament was a coming-out party for Bitzer who in 24 hours won a first-team all tournament selection nod, the Class 2A Herb Brooks Award, the Frank Brimsek Award for Minnesota’s best senior goaltender and was named an Associated Press first-team selection.

Should he go the USHL route, he has a chance to emulate what has been some pretty lofty and successful company.

The Force drafted the 2010 Brimsek Award winner in Zane Gothberg (North Dakota), who this season set several franchise records and was named the USHL’s Co-Goaltender of the Year on Tuesday.

Omaha traded for the 2011 winner in Alex Lyon (Yale), who helped the Lancers finish second in the West during the regular season.

12 thoughts on “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star…

  1. All said and done wonder how many of the draft pix end up on the roster?? I guessing 40% make the cut.

  2. I think young Mr. Bitzer needs to look in the mirror to figure why the hometown team didn’t draft him. The blog post earlier in the month about him receiving interest from everyone but the Force was pretty telling. Wouldn’t be a giant leap to surmise there is an issue there with attitude. His ability speaks for itself. The run in the state tourney exemplifies that.

    • Attitude, you find me one place where a coach or anyone else has commented on Michael having an attitude problem and I’ll eat my shorts. In fact, what you hear is just the opposite. He didn’t just win the Herb Brooks award because he has an attitude problem. Maybe him beating out Marks’ kid as a sophomore has something to do with it. Don’t know, just saying. But you talking about attitude only shows you have never met the kid. He’s as much of a class act as you’ll ever meet. Ask someone who has actually met or coached him.

  3. Funny. Just because the Force didn’t draft Bitzer, people start in on the kid about having an attitude. What a joke. I hope you feel good about that comment, NDSUfan. You don’t even know the kid.

  4. Still time for him to get picked up. Attitude plays a role and coaches take this into consideration; but this kid has not even made a team yet so its really premature to throw punches. Looking at what happened with our player who because of his bad attitude and very dumb big mouth is now branded and will always be classifed in the sports world as being as a racist.

    • He already has been picked up…. by Lincoln. Bitzer is the real deal. I heard that when he went to the blizzard, a week out of high school hockey, he was more suited for the junior game and looked better there. In the play offs he threw up like a 960 save percentage with a shut out and this was just weeks after playing for moorhead. To make matters worse, he plays better the bigger the stakes. The last thing we need is him playing the Force 8 times next year and being amped up to prove Marks and Davis wrong. He still has to make the team but if I were a betting man, I would put my money on Force Fans, next year, asking why we didnt draft him when we had the “Chance”. Pun intended.

      PS.. NDSUfan, my guess is when he is making the Force miserable next year, coach Johnson will be talking about how awesome his attitude is.

  5. And to follow up concerning how attitude affects people; look at Des Moines former head coach Regg Simon who has a very black eye in the league because of his unprofessional attitude. Hear no one wants him on their bench and he is avoided like the plague.

  6. Wow NDSU FAN. This I deffinetly not a kid (young adult) with any sort of an attitude. Chance (micheal) is a very confident player with a GREAT head on his shoulders. He is a one of a kind and has the biggest heart u could ask for. My guess is u have never personally met him or seen how big of a team player he truly is. KARMA WHAT A GREAT GREAT THING.

  7. Ok mr NDSU… Obviously you have a complex of your own… Ya know people who live in glass houses should not throw stones!!! You obviously have never met Mr Bitzer yourself, he is the most kindhearted person you will ever meet, not to mention respectful!!! He is more disciplined than any player out there… And really (the Force) he beat the Marc’s kid once before…. What kid has played on the high school varsity team for 4 years??? Oh yeah and who won the Herb Brooks award??? That’s right … Mr Bitzer ! There is no one more deserving of what this kid has….than himself … He is dedicate and works hard!! So if your jealous hat is understandable, but don’t judge him if u don’t know him!!!

  8. Boy you (NDSU) stuck your foot in your mouth big time. You don’t know anything about Mr. Bitzer, but he has a huge following and not just Moorhead fans. Also how do you know the reason the force haven’t picked him up. I’m a strong Bison fan too, but,hanging out with friends and sportsmen and women at NDSU taught me not to be too quick to label anyone. That seems to be missing in your education, go to your Dean and ask for help.

  9. I happen to know this Bitzer kid quite well, never a question of heart, respect, determination, effort, not one out works him, Frank Brimsick (sp) award you know for being a class act!!
    I will proudly wear my Lincoln Star jersey to Scheels area.
    And now today a article about the arena in the red! hah!!! more seats in the stands go figure. I wish no ill will on the California kid but man get real force officals

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